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Yes, your memorial is covered by American Monument and Granite Company’s Full Perpetual Warranty. At American Monument we offer a certificate of full perpetual warranty on all memorials purchased with us. The perpetual warranty certifies that your memorial was manufactured using the finest quality granite and workmanship. Our warranty guarantees the granite used is free from defects and will not check, crack, disintegrate or discolor. If any granite portion of the memorial covered by our perpetual warranty ever proves defective in either material or workmanship American Monument will replace it without cost or expense to the original purchase or heirs. At American Monument and Granite Company we also provide limited warranty against vandalism or natural disasters. In most cases vandalized memorials are tipped over, In the event of a fallen tablet we will reset the tablet at NO COST to you. Any vandalized memorials in need of repairs or replacement from vandalism will be charged at our cost. Our warranty extends to the original purchaser, the purchaser’s heirs or the assignees, and the cemetery where the memorial has been placed.

July, 2001 Volume 58, No. 7
Granite as a monumental stone

The U.S. Bureau of Mines does not classify all granites suitable for monumental stone. According to the Bureau’s standards for class 1 granites, they must:

✔️ Meet exacting requirements, such as uniform texture and color
✔️ Freedom from flaws
✔️ Suitable for polishing and carving
✔️ Resistance to weathering.

In a test completed on all recognized monumental grade granites by the U.S. Bureau of Mines, they stated the following. Many trade names are applied to memorial stones and prospective users may raise questions as to whether these names, varieties, or types are superior to others. The Bureau of Mines has no data indicating that any of them are more enduring. In fact, all of the monumental granites produced by reputable firms in the well known regions last so long with little visible change that the factor of endurance should scarcely be given consideration in making a choice. Selection may therefore be made on the basis of color, texture, design, and workmanship that suit individual taste.

Yes. Most cemeteries allow a photograph to be etched directly on the memorial. Some cemeteries allow a black granite insert or a colored ceramic photo insert on a memorial. Many families like to put a special photo such as a wedding or anniversary photo on their memorial. It is best to consult American Monument & Granite regarding the policies of your particular cemetery for policies on photographs on your memorial.

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