Thoughts about your own monument can often bring uneasy feelings, but individuals and couples are finding that pre-planning a monument also brings a sense of emotional peace and control over finances for their families. Planning ahead for a monument is no different from a lifetime of important decisions you and your spouse have made together. An education, car, wedding, a home, a family and vacations are all just a few events planned ahead and not left to others. Why would planning ahead for a monument, an enduring tribute, be any different?


Taking Control of Your Wishes

Pre-planning is taking control of your own personal wishes. As a couple, together you can discuss likes and dislikes in terms of granite color, style, wording and design. Should you preplan as an individual, you can be ensured thesedecisions are not left to someone else. Ultimately, as a couple or individual, only you can best tell your story and forever reflect your life in stone.


Where to begin

Please contact us at 330-325-2500 for a brochure or to make an appointment at our showroom. Home appointments may also be requested. We encourage all our families to take the time necessary in making the commitment to planning ahead with American Monument and Granite Company.

Why Preplan Your Memorial

You decide how you want your monument to reflect the story of your life.

Your decisions and choices will not be based on painful emotions brought out by grief. Your heirs will not be left indecisive regarding what color, style and design you would have liked.

Planning now will give you and your family a peace of mind.

A pre-planned memorial is easier to afford with financing options available.

At American Monument & Granite Co.

Our staff can make planning your memorial easier than you may think. We offer our assistance by explaining all the options available to you. Not only will you be well educated about your decision but you can rest assured that you have chosen a memorial that will last for generations to come.