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Where Life, Love, And Laughter Is Captured For Eternity 

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At American Monument & Granite Company a monument goes far beyond marking the eternal resting place of a friend or family member. A monument symbolizes devotion. A monument is an expression of the strongest human emotion, Love. A monument should not emit sadness, but instead the many years of love and affection we shared with our friends and family. A monument is crafted because of an individual’s life, not death. A monument should speak as a remembrance of love and a celebration of life. At American Monument & Granite Company it is our mission to help your monument speak and tell the story of your loved ones for generations to come.

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Serving The People Of Portage County For Three Decades

We know how important it is to memorialize a loved one and we are here to guide you through that process. Over 3 decades later we have been able to guide hundreds of families through that process while becoming the most trusted granite retailer in Portage County. This trust comes with a huge responsibility to continue to provide superior customer service but, don’t just take it from us let our work speak for itself. 

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It’s Time to Start Planning Your Memorial 

Whether your pre-preplanning for yourself or honoring the life of your loved one It’s time to start planning a memorial. We know how hard it is taking the first steps to plan a memorial, that’s why we are here. We make the processes of planning a memorial as easy as possible while delivering designs that will capture a life for eternity.

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